Deaf Ministry

I love you sign language

Deaf Church is taught by Paul Prindle. He is teaching the "One by One" Bible study now. He is a very good teacher and signs very well. Betty Mills, an experienced interpreter, is also present to help. The class uses worksheets for students to fill in, as well as the white board to display the meanings of vocabulary words not often used in daily life or heard by deaf or children. Since Paul knows Greek, he can answer questions and clarify ways some vocabulary is used in verses. Paul has done an excellent job and is such a blessing. It thrills the deaf that his son Wesley learned a lot of ASL this summer while working with a deaf friend at the Berry Patch. The others all know their alphabet and few signs.


Just before Paul Prindle teaches, Betty Mills does a part of a visualized missions story that continues from week to week until finished.  This has been something we added so the children can benefit as well as adults as they see testimony of God's work in people's lives. We have done "The Story of Dave Dravecky, Baseball Legend"; "Ringu of India" and how God changed his life; "Fannie Crosy, the Blind Poet"; "The Little Rascal," a salvation story of the man that founded Tropicana Orange Juice and how God used him; and "Hyatt Arab Girl from Syria." Each short portion whets our interest to learn of God's care and work in people's lives. It also challenges us to be surrendered so we are available.


 We anticipate the return of one of James, one of our faithful members, after his return after college. He sometimes taught alternately. Paul did such a great job working with him to teach and gain confidence.